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Doncaster Penguin Dry Cleaners
74 Commercial Place, Eltham
Open 7am - 6pm weekdays
7.30am to 4pm Saturdays
Ph: 9439 6047

East Doncaster
Shop 59, Tunstall Square,
East Doncaster
Open 7.30am - 5.30pm weekdays
7.30am - 1pm Saturdays
Ph: 9842 6642

Bulleen (Drive-in Service)
221 Bulleen Road, Bulleen
Open 7am - 6pm weekdays
7.30am - 1pm Saturdays
Ph: 9850 4488

A family owned business for over 60 years!

Penguin Dry Cleaners was started by John Joseph and Flo Murphy in 1947 as a laundry business. They had ten children, four of whom worked in the business doing domestic and industrial laundry.

In 1953 more family entered the workforce and drycleaning was established. Several vans operated a door to door service during the 50's. In 1962 the second generation took over and operated package drycleaning plants, now a third generation consisting of John, Andrew, Dan and Luke, are operating the business.

The business cleans most types of garments and materials, including the more difficult types of garments. Penguin is an accredited wedding gown cleaner, and is able to clean leather, suede and even large curtains and wall hangings.

The business uses modern technology and a large range of different solvents to do the job right. The business boasts a computerised inventory and tracking system, large curtain presses for those big jobs and special shirt pressing machines.

Penguin Family

Penguin Drive-in Dry Cleaners is owned and operated by the highly experienced Murphy family, who have been cleaning Melbourne's clothes since 1947.














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