Penguin Drycealning Dry Cleaned Clothes

Garment care for suede and leather

We are recognised as the leading specialists for quality dry cleaning in clothing and household items.

Our service is delivered by qualified professionals who care as much as you do.

  • Need your suit or shirt cleaned?
  • Do you need a stain removal service for your favourite skirt or dress?
  • Does your wedding dress and suit need cleaning?
  • Do you want to ensure the environment is cared for when you dryclean?
  • Do you have any suede and leather items that need dry cleaning?

Let Penguin Dry Cleaners provide this service for you!

With 3 stores in Melbourne a Penguin Dry Cleaners store is not far away.

Cleaned Shirts
Enviroment safe drycleaning
Our Locations across Melbourne

74 Commercial Pl
(03) 9439- 6047

Open 7am - 6pm weekdays
7.30am to 4pm Saturdays

Shop 59
Tunstall Square
East Doncaster
(03) 9842 -6642

Open 7.30am - 5.30pm weekdays
7.30am - 1pm Saturdays

221 Bulleen Rd
(03) 9850 -4488

Open 7am - 6pm weekdays
7.30am - 1pm Saturdays


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